Online personal shopping service in USA, Japan, Korea, and China.

WorldBuyingAgent : Best Online Personal Shopper

World Buying Agent specializes in Import and Export Agent Service in US, Korea, Japan and China. The service exists to make it easier for people and businesses to shop and source products online. It operates four e-commerce platforms, namely, USABuyingAgent, KoreaBuyingAgent, JapanBuyingAgent, and ChinaBuyingAgent which offer buying and shipping solutions for our valued clients.

“WorldBuyingAgent is designed to help you achieve optimum success.”

We have warehouses situated in different places around the world like Delaware, Seoul, Osaka, and Guangzhou City where we conduct our business operations. We offer storage facility, consolidation and packing service, dropshipping, and many more. We are composed of highly Professional Team, offering 24/7 Customer Support, to ensure we deliver fast and quality service. We provide the best service because you deserve the best, and we are happy to serve you.

Consolidation Service

We provide free warehouse storage, and combine multiple orders from different sellers to ship as one parcel. We also repack orders without any additional charge, while removing unnecessary boxes and packaging to minimize parcel’s volumetric weight.

24/7 Customer Support

We offer 24/7 Customer Support so you can contact us anytime you need our assistance. You can expect fast response to query, requests, as well as billing and payment confirmation, as we have dedicated customer service team working on your order 24/7.

Fast Shipping Worldwide

Enjoy fast delivery and the lowest rates to worldwide destinations. It takes 3 to 14 days for your package to arrive at your doorsteps!

Different shipping methods at the lowest rates

We partner with Couriers that can deliver fast and reliable service at discounted rates!
You also have the option to choose your own courier or shipping method (air, sea). Moreover, you can have your orders shipped directly to your Customers with your Company branding via our dropship service.

SF Express

3 to 7 working days


3 to 7 working days


3 to 7 working days


7 to 10 working days


7 to 14 working days

Air Mail

15 to 20 working days

Contact Us

US TEL: +1 650-240-4464
CHINA TEL & WHATSAPP: +8618871488894
WECHAT: 18871488894
KOREA TEL & WHATSAPP: +8201051990804
EMAIL: [email protected]

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